Helpful Tips


Lillebaby Carrier Helpful Tips

Learn one Carry Position at a Time and Practice

The líllébaby® COMPLETE™ gives you all the carrying positions. However, you can only use one at a time. Focus on the one(s) that apply to your baby’s age and get comfortable with one carrying position before trying a new one.

The first few times you practice using the carrier:

  • Ask another adult to assist you
  • Sit on a cushioned surface while practicing and then stand
  • The first few times using the carrier, limit use to 10 – 15 minutes at a time

Learn one Carry Position at a Time

  1. First thing first: Every carrying position starts with placing the waist belt around your hip or waist. Place waist belt on with the buckles in front so you can see what you are doing, then rotate to the position you will use.
  2. The elastic loop is a safety feature. Always run the buckle through the elastic loop connecting the buckle.
  3. Always pull excess webbing strap through the webbing band. The strap should hang on the outside of the elastic band to allow for adjustments.
  4. To loosen straps, place your fingertips under the lip of the buckle and pull.
  5. To tighten straps, lift baby slightly to give slack in the webbing, and then tighten by pulling straps forward.
  6. Before placing baby in carrier, pre-adjust all straps, including chest strap, to best fit you and make sure they are even.
  7. Neck support: most babies don’t like the hood when they are awake. Using the neck support is ideal for when baby is awake and add the hood as baby is about to fall asleep.
  8. Buckles are safely engaged when you hear them “click” into place. Webbing strap should hang on the outside of the elastic safety band to allow for adjustments.
  9. Baby should always sit snugly against your body. Tighten shoulder and chest straps to adjust.
  10. Practice in front of a mirror with a doll or a teddy bear the first few times, especially with the back position.


Unbuckle Waist Belt

Unbuckle: Squeeze on both sides of buckles to release. Flip “male” buckle in towards belt and tuck it under the elastic safety band. Pull on webbing strap to release buckle.

Cross Shoulder Straps

You can use your líllébaby® COMPLETE™ in the front position as a back-pack style carrier, or by crossing the straps on your back. Cross-strap is useful if you find it hard to reach the chest/connecting strap on your back, or if you are very petite and want a very snug fit.

Simply unbuckle the shoulder straps, and connect the strap to the webbing on the opposite side of the carrier. Repeat on the other side. Remember to run the buckle under the elastic loop and pull the webbing strap through. Place the waist belt on as normal, with baby close to your chest, securely hold baby with one hand, then pull one strap at the time over your head and onto your shoulders. Then you can “duck” into the straps. You can also place the straps on first and bring baby in through the top of the carrier.