12 Pack Combo Set




12 Pack Combo Set

6 Stick Crayons and 6 Block Crayons

Made with just the right amount of natural waxes, color and love. Filana™ crayons are a natural alternative to conventional crayons for artists of all ages.

Our crayons are hand poured in small batches, using organic beeswax instead of petroleum-based waxes. You’ll see and feel the difference. All of our crayons are completely non-toxic and conform to ASTM D-4236.

Each stick crayon is 1/2" diameter, 3 3/8" length

Each block crayon is 1/2" x 15/16" x 1 11/16"

Each set contains one stick and one block crayon in the following colors:

Lemon Yellow
Brilliant Orange
Emerald Green