Frequently Asked Questions




Although Teethease™ were designed for teething babies, they are not toys and no child should be left unattended with the jewellery. These teethers are easy to keep clean and bacteria-free. Simply wash with soap and water or toss them in to the dishwasher.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.

What are Teethease products made from?

All Teethease products are made from the same FDA (Federal Drug Administration) approved, medical and food safe silicone.


What are the benefits of using silicone?

Silicone is a versatile material that has a multitude of uses and is incredibly reliable. We chose to make our products out of silicone because of its combination of strength and give. The silicone we use is strong enough to resist tearing, while still having a somewhat pliable feel, which is perfect for emerging teeth.

Silicone is heat resistant, strong, safe, durable and most importantly, it does not support microbiological growth (which includes bacteria, mold and fungus).


Is Teethease safe and non-toxic? What standards do Teethease products meet or comply with?

Our primary goal is to make our products as safe as possible. We use silicone because of its resistance to breakage and wear as well as it’s resistance to bacteria and mold. Teethease products are frequently and rigorously tested to meet and or exceed the national toy safety standards. Our products comply with the highest international standards for toys, EN-71.

The testing of our products also includes the clasp. While we advise that the clasp should not be chewed on, it has been tested to ensure it is also safe of BPA, lead and phthalates. The clasp has a tensile strength that should release between 3.2 and 4.5 pounds.


What age are Teethease products suitable for?

Teethease was originally brought to the market for the target age of 3 months to 3 years. We are now aware of its uses for an older age range. All Teethease products are intended for a parent/adult to wear and a child to use. It is with this in mind, that we suggest a child should never be left alone with the product.


Can my child with special needs use Teethease products?

We have become aware of Teethease’s benefits for many children, not only those who are teething. We have run our own test groups that include,but are not limited to; ADD, ADHD, Oral Dysphasia, oral fixation, and a multitude of sensory issues. Children (and their parents) have told us the many benefits they have found by using the Teethease line of products. Each and every child is unique and it is still recommended that they are not left alone with the products. We also recommend that the pieces be inspected more regularly for signs of wear and tear that would make the Teethease no longer safe for chewing on. Those with a full set of adult teeth may find their pieces last, on average, 20 hours less than those without their adult teeth.


How do I care for my Teethease products?

All of our bangles and pendants (once removed from the string) can be placed right in the dishwasher. For our line of necklaces, where the string cannot be removed, we recommend hand washing these with a mild detergent and water.

Our Rockease and Medley lines can also be placed in the dishwasher; however this will overtime weaken the string. It is recommended to check the strings strength regularly should you chose to wash it in this matter.

We do offer replacement strings for those who are interested, which you can find in our store under the 'extras' heading.


What else should I know about the cord?

All cords from the Teethease pendants are made from a silk and cotton blend.


How long will my Teethease last?

While Silicone is a very strong material, we suggest that you check your pieces often for signs of wear and tear that may compromise the safety of use. The duration of the product will depend on how often it is used and how vigorous your child chews on the products.