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Eco-Actives Dump Truck

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The Lena Eco-Actives Dump truck is made with reclaimed wood allowing us to use 34% less plastic than competitors.

Biodegradable construction The food-grade wood and resin mixture is biodegradable and decomposes in soil for a toy that inspires care for our planet!

For all types of play Use the Eco-Actives Excavator truck inside the house, the sandbox, the park or on the beach as it is UV light protected so its beautiful and vivid colors won't fade!

Pull the release latch and push the top handle and the dump truck can make it's delivery. Workable tail gate will keep the trucks contents contained until delivery time!

Develops your child's mind This toy will help fine-tune your child's gross and fine motor skills as well as aid the development of communication skills with the power of play and imagination!