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Limited Edition Rainbow Set

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The Rainbow crayons and block crayon mix are a truly special gift. This exclusive, limited edition case contains 6 vividly-colored rainbow wax stick crayons and two shimmering gold and silver block crayons for endless creative inspiration.


 The colorful rainbow symbolizes hope, tolerance and diversity worldwide – values with which STOCKMAR feels deeply connected. They have therefore produced a limited rainbow anniversary edition to commemorate this centenary.

 The emphasis on each of the six colors in the STOCKMAR logo represents diversity, while the gold and silver reflect the celebratory character of their anniversary year. The six crayons and two blocks in this edition are made of beeswax supplied by beekeepers who keep their bees in species-appropriate conditions in the north of Germany.


 The horse on the tin has a special story. It has been a companion to generations of STOCKMAR children. Originally drawn by Hans STOCKMAR’s granddaughter, who taught children with special needs. From 1966, her original illustration, which she drew at 10 years old, dominated the crayon tin. The horse on the tin links generations of Waldorf pupils and artists together, and became an integral part of the company’s identity.

 The horse on the anniversary tin is a reinterpretation by artist Rop van Mierl as his homage to the original “Begine’s horse”. As a Waldorf student, he came into contact with Begine’s horse at an early age and it made a lasting impression on him.



And never forgetting the bees, the crayons in this special edition are made from beeswax supplied by beekeepers in the north of Germany, who practice ethical, sustainable bee-keeping. Beeswax is valued as a gift from the bees, and as with all STOCKMAR products just enough is used, and never too much.



 Our Special Anniversary Rainbow edition, includes six stick crayons: carmine, gold yellow, lemon yellow, yellow green, ultramarine and red violet) and two block crayons (gold and silver) in a special edition tin featuring the STOCKMAR horse design.



Limited Edition Rainbow Crayons - Stick & Block

Tin case
8 assorted colors
6 wax stick crayons
2 block crayons
Ages 3+ years

Stick: 3.3 inches, diameter: 0.47 inch 
block: 1.6 x 0.91 x 0.47 inches 

Made in Germany