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STORK Organic Baby

Natural Handmade Bolga Baskets

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100% Natural.

Perfect for Easter Basket or year around use!  

Handmade by weavers in the Northern part of Ghana incorporating traditional techniques which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Each basket is handcrafted using dried elephant grass by local artisans.
Due to its handmade nature, variation in size and color should be expected.

Each basket is Round in shape and finished off with a thick rim, a firmly made handle made for easy handling during shopping and carrying

Care instruction: Baskets may arrive may receive their basket(s) pressed inward and not completely round. To reshape the basket, first sprinkle water on it, reform with hand, and hang in the open to sun or air dry.

Sizing: Measurements for the Small basket are approximately 9"x9"x9" and the Large Basket are 12"x12"x12". Please keep in mind that they are hand made and slight variations (1" to 2" + ) for these measurements are expected.