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Stockmar Watercolor Circle Paints 50 ml

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Stockmar Watercolor Paints make their mark with their excellent scumbling properties, natural transparency and lightfastness. The Circle Colors are colors based on Goethe's colour-circle. They include the primary colors red, blue and yellow and possess high spectral purity and transparency. With these three circle colors, the complete color-circle can be created.  Harmonious intermediate gradations and boundary-less color blending are also possible when using the wet-on-wet technique.

Stockmar Watercolor Paints have been tried and tested in art education, at school and kindergarten. These non-toxic paints are long-lasting and remain completely water soluble when dry.

Watercolor Paint - 50 ml. PE-bottle each 1.7 fl. oz. (50ml)
Non-toxic, long lasting, free of heavy metals, completely water soluble when dry.
Made in Germany

-Sold Individually-